18th Nov., 2016

I drove to my local store a couple of minutes from my house. I 'squeezed' into a parking space and opened my door bumping the huge SUV in the next space. I said, "Oops, sorry about that." The tinted window came down and I saw a slender, obviously tall woman poring over her phone and saying, as I said sorry again, this time for her to hear it more clearly, "It's just another thing that's making my very shitty day."
I said, "Well, no damage done, ok?"
She says, "You hit my door."
"Yeah, but no damage and I apologise once more."
"You hit my door."
"Ok, well, after 3 apologies and no damage, I can see you won't accept it graciously. You truly are having a continuing shitty day."

I started to walk away and then stopped and said, "Gee, it's only 5pm. You've got a whole 7 more hours to keep it shitty."
She gave a big drop of the shoulders and a sigh and before she could say anything else, I continued.

"I noticed you're very well dressed and you're in a big SUV, texting on your iPhone 7, doin' it hard. My mum is in a nursing home and she's dying. She's got about a week and a half to live. She's having a shitty day...oh...and so are you."


Posted on 21 December 2016


Research has been done for a long time now and the information is getting out slowly but surely.

Depression is not a disease, it's a symptom....and it's generally down to inflammation of some kind in the body.

The brain receives messages from our bodies when we are well & sick. Our own brain interprets these messages in different ways depending on our thoughts.

For example: sea-sickness. This is a condition when the body feels that it's not standing on solid ground. The message is sent and the brain responds with nausea...the appropriate response from the body is to 'lay down' until it passes...when really, the sea-sickness is just a literal imbalance of the body...it thinks it's going to fall over...so nausea>lay down> balance regained. So, sea-sickness has to do with balance (which is in the ear). See how the message from the body to the brain reacts. "I'm ok. I'm not going to fall over. I just stepped onto a boat."

Depression is the brain's response when the body isn't well and then the thoughts that accompany it, are many and varied, whatever you can imagine...basically the body/brain wants the depression healed (solution) so it will send thoughts to stop the feeling including sel-harm, death/suicide...anything to stop the depressive feeling.

What can be concurred from this is: your thoughts are not necessarily real but they are to you because you created them.

The brain/body is constantly searching/trying to attain BLISS....and anything short of this is an annoyance. So, it sends it messages constantly. Your thoughts are the interpretations of these messages.
How do we cure depression? Is there a cure? Yes. Go to kellybrogan.com a trained pyschiatrist who has changed the way she treats patients with 'mental illness'. The solution is in your diet.

Our bodies are by and large self-healing mechanisms.

Don't take my word for it...look it up and make your own decisions.



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